Mission, vision, strategy.
Our values
Our values


The mission of PetRing is the continuous, sustainable development in plastics processing and metal treatment industry, trade of the highest quality products and providing services at the level ensuring customer satisfaction. It is to increase the material and image value of the company, to achieve the market position expected by the Board and to guarantee the employment for our employees. The implementation of assumptions will proceed with responsible attitude towards the local community, natural environment and safety of employees.


PetRing seeks to be the market leader of processing PET plastics in Poland in terms of:

  • quantity of offered models;
  • quality of produced packaging;
  • customer service quality;
  • organizational culture.

Strategic goals

As the ultimate strategic goals, PetRing sets creation of shareholder value by the correct use of intellectual resources and equipment as well as the implementation of company’s development strategies in:

  • improvement in quality policy;
  • optimization of the business management system.