1.  Please note that it is recommended to clean / disinfect the packaging products in accordance with Good Manufacturing and Hygienic Practice rules before using them for production. The recommendation is justified by the risk of packaging products contamination during transport or preparation for further production. The possible safety threats resulting from using packaging products without cleaning / disinfecting are the sole responsibility of the Client. Petring is not liable for any non-conformity caused by not following Good Manufacturing and Hygienic Practice rules.
  1. Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, the standard packaging method provides for placing the Goods on cardboard spacers (also called trays), on paid pallets, with the whole wrapped in stretch foil. Within the framework of separate arrangements and for an additional charge, other packaging of the Goods is possible: e.g. additional protection of pallets with cardboard corners; packaging in cardboard boxes in bulk or stacked, etc. At an extra charge it is possible to change the way of packing pre-molds to cardboard boxes called octabins.
  2. The Seller reserves the right to decide unilaterally on the need for additional protection for the goods and to charge the Buyer with the appropriate costs.
  3. Goods should be stored in the following conditions:

       - in a place protecting against pollution and external factors,

       - in a dry, well-ventilated place, with no sunlight, at temperatures within 0 - 35°C.

  1. The shelf life of the goods is 3 years provided that they are stored in accordance with the above mentioned conditions.
  2. Storage of goods in conditions contradictory to those specified in point VIII.3 of the GTS causes loss of the right to complain the Goods.