1. If the Buyer fails, for reasons not attributable to the Seller, to accept the goods within the agreed time, the Buyer shall be obliged to pay the price and other charges indicated on the VAT invoice, including, but not limited to, all public and legal charges as well as freight, storage and packaging, as if the release of the goods had taken place in accordance with the order.
  2. If the goods are not collected after 3 days from the agreed date of collection, the Seller shall additionally charge storage fees per pallet for each commenced day of storage at the Seller's facility in the amount of 2.50 EUR.



  1. In the event that the payment resulting from the invoice is not made on time, and also after the expiry of the period for granting specific warranties or submitting payment bonds, the Seller shall have the right to:

a) withdraw from the contract without prior notification to the Buyer.

b) store the Goods in any place at the risk and expense of the Buyer,

c) suspend the implementation of the Order until the payment of overdue payments, which results in a proportionate extension of the delivery or performance times,

d) render all the receivables resulting from VAT invoices issued to the Buyer immediately payable,

e) charge interest for delay at the current rate of statutory interest for delay in payment, issue and send to the Buyer an interest note,

f) impose a contractual penalty of 50% (fifty percent) of the gross price resulting from the given VAT invoice.

Taking any of the abovementioned remedies does not preclude the use of any other remedies mentioned above.

Until the full amount of the price for the purchased goods is paid, the goods are the sole property of the Seller.

  1. If judicial enforcement, bankruptcy proceedings are conducted against the Buyer, or the Seller has doubts as to the creditworthiness of the Buyer, the Seller shall have the right to:

a) demand immediate payment of all amounts due, irrespective of their payment dates;

b) withhold all unrealized deliveries and suspend all further deliveries until a prepayment for the entire goods/services ordered/sold has been received.