Implementation of an individual packaging
New projects
New projects

At Petring we know, how uneasy it is to become unique these days. Original, non-standard packaging - PET bottle or jar - would be great advantage and identification for your product. With Petring it is now very simple and quick.

Do you have an idea for your own shape of the bottle or jar? Do you plan to introduce a new product to the market, but non of the bottles is worth your product? Send us the drawing or a sketch of your idea. Our graphics designer will create precise technical drawing. When you accept we will prepare a 3D model. We will also take care of the next stage which is the production of blowing mould, which will enable the production of your unique bottle. It is all possible now in a short lead time.

For more details, please contact our sales specialists.

Questions? Have a look, who you can contact.

If you have any questions regarding the design services of Petring Sp. Z o.o. concerning the implementation of individual shapes, principles of cooperation in the design of bottles, technical or legal issues, please feel free to contact our sales team.

Kamila Zawadzka– tel. +48 884 939 468,  English/Polish

Monika Heppel – tel. +48 576 166 199, English/Polish/German

Szymon Wawer – tel. +48 535 777 861,  English/Polish/German

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