Quality policy.
In pursuit of excellence
In pursuit of excellence

The overriding goal of our company is to comprehensively meet the needs and expectations of our Clients and to manufacture safe products that comply with legal requirements. We are aware that the implementation of these assumptions is correlated with the desire to constantly improve the quality of products and services offered. Our ambition is existence in the minds of Partners as a company associated with commitment, professionalism and modernity in every aspect of the company's operation.

The most important assumptions are:

  • Acquiring a satisfying market position for the Management Board and Employees in the PET packaging industry,
  • Developing the traceability of our products,
  • Building and maintaining a positive image of a company that cares about quality, product safety and customer relations,
  • Maintaining satisfactory financial results and impeccable financial condition of the company,
  • Continuous expansion of the PET product range and services related to the processing of plastics and metals,
  • Building a highly developed organizational culture of the company, based on trust between Employees and the Management Board.

We intend to implement the above assumptions and goals through:

  • Involvement of the Management Team and providing the necessary resources to implement the declared assumptions.
  • Continuous striving to meet customer expectations, quality standards, legal standards and improving the Quality Management System.
  • Ensuring friendly and professional customer service, monitoring their needs and building relationships based on sympathy and trust,
  • Professional and timely implementation of production orders,
  • Transparent process of dealing with complaints,
  • Continuous infrastructural and technological development,
  • Continuous improvement of the competence of production employees and management staff,
  • Quality assumptions developed and respected by all employees,
  • Conducting production in a way that respects the environment.