Mission, vision, strategy.
Our values


The mission of PetRing is the continuous, sustainable development in plastics processing and metal treatment industry, trade of the highest quality products and providing services at the level ensuring customer satisfaction. It is to increase the material and image value of the company, to achieve the market position expected by the Board and to guarantee the employment for our employees. The implementation of assumptions will proceed with responsible attitude towards the local community, natural environment and safety of employees.


PetRing seeks to be the market leader of processing PET plastics in Poland in terms of:

  • quantity of offered models;
  • quality of produced packaging;
  • customer service quality;
  • organizational culture.

Strategic goals

As the ultimate strategic goals, PetRing sets creation of shareholder value by the correct use of intellectual resources and equipment as well as the implementation of company’s development strategies in:

  • improvement in quality policy;
  • optimization of the business management system.
About company
What we do?
Who we are?

PetRing is one of the biggest manufacturers of PET packaging in Poland. The plant is located in Zielona Góra. Our company consists of a well-integrated team of people focused on continuous professional development and perfectly equipped machinery site enabling implementation of even the most non-standard ideas. We have existed on the market from the very beginning of the industry and although the PetRing brand is has been built for over 20 years now, every day we come up with new ideas for its development. Today, PetRing is a sustainable, comprehensively equipped and completely independent production company, which includes e.g. modern injection hall, bottles blowing hall, warehouses for finished products, CNC tool-room, servicing centre and enormous knowledge and experience capital

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What do we produce?

Currently, the PetRing activity is focused three basic areas:

  • Production of PET preforms and caps
  • Production of PET bottles
  • CNC metal cutting

PetRing produces preforms in most types of currently present on the market threads and in a broad range of grammages. The products can be manufactured in any colour. The offer includes preforms with threads for beverage, liquor, cosmetics, chemical bottles and for jars with 63, 82 and 120 mm threads. We also offer caps of own production for most of the preforms. The offer of caps for other threads is supplemented with products of leading Polish and European manufacturers.

The complete list of currently available preforms is included in the Product Catalogue in tab Preforms.

The PET bottles production constitutes our core business. Thanks to an intensive development in the recent years, the number of the “right away” available models of bottles has increased to nearly 250 pieces. For customers looking for individual solutions we offer the possibility of making bottle in a unique shape.

The complete list of currently available models of bottles is included in the Product Catalogue in tab Bottles.

Complement to operations of the company in the industry of processing plastics is an independent CNC tool-room. The plant provides services of manufacturing injection moulds and blowing moulds as well as full range of services of surface treatment of details.

Quality policy.
In pursuit of excellence

The overriding goal of our company is to comprehensively meet the needs and expectations of our Clients and to manufacture safe products that comply with legal requirements. We are aware that the implementation of these assumptions is correlated with the desire to constantly improve the quality of products and services offered. Our ambition is existence in the minds of Partners as a company associated with commitment, professionalism and modernity in every aspect of the company's operation.

The most important assumptions are:

  • Acquiring a satisfying market position for the Management Board and Employees in the PET packaging industry,
  • Developing the traceability of our products,
  • Building and maintaining a positive image of a company that cares about quality, product safety and customer relations,
  • Maintaining satisfactory financial results and impeccable financial condition of the company,
  • Continuous expansion of the PET product range and services related to the processing of plastics and metals,
  • Building a highly developed organizational culture of the company, based on trust between Employees and the Management Board.

We intend to implement the above assumptions and goals through:

  • Involvement of the Management Team and providing the necessary resources to implement the declared assumptions.
  • Continuous striving to meet customer expectations, quality standards, legal standards and improving the Quality Management System.
  • Ensuring friendly and professional customer service, monitoring their needs and building relationships based on sympathy and trust,
  • Professional and timely implementation of production orders,
  • Transparent process of dealing with complaints,
  • Continuous infrastructural and technological development,
  • Continuous improvement of the competence of production employees and management staff,
  • Quality assumptions developed and respected by all employees,
  • Conducting production in a way that respects the environment.