Cosmetic Packaging
Top quality PET bottles and jars for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Cosmetic Packaging

We proudly present you our offer of highest quality PET bottle and jars, dedicated for cosmetic and pharmaceutic industry. 
These products are much more than just a PET bottle or jar: it is the first impression of your product. We know it and are confident, that the top quality of our bottles and jars will be a value added to your product. 
We produce these bottles and jars on injection stretch blow moulding machines by Aoki, which, unlike the competition, are produced in Japan what guarantees the quality.
Except standard offer we are able to create new shape, according to your expectations. Our designer will prepare the technical and 3D drawing on the basis of your draft. You can order a 3D model, before we produce the blowing mould in our CNC workshop.

Cosmetic Packaging

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